The Green Pastures Christian Campground and Retreat Center serves communities in West Central Illinois by providing Christian retreat facilities, recreational land, and camp programs that foster spiritual development. The campground provides a place for God’s people to gather, grow, and encounter Jesus Christ together. The camp is located west of Chapin, Illinois, at 1936 U.S. Route 67. The virtual tour of the site will give you a glimpse of the beauty of the grounds and facilities. The Camp Host (and his or her family) lives on-site in the provided Camp Host home, and the Camp Host is employed by and serves at the will of the Board of Directors.

If interested in being considered for the search please submit your resume and letter of interest on or before May 1 st, 2018 to:

Thank you for considering this worthwhile opportunity! We are excited to meet you.

Administrative Leadership

The primary focus of the Host is to protect, grow and build the campground in conjunction with the Board of Directors, donors, and interested stakeholders. The Camp Host is charged with being the “Chief Cheerleader” for Green Pastures. The successful candidate will possess eyes that look forward while building on the legacy of where we have been. The Camp Host regularly reports to the Board the current financial and physical state of the camp and therefore should have experience with budgets, financial forecasting, and financial statements. He or she is expected to be a “hands-on leader.”

Operation of the Camp – Ministry and Outreach

The Camp Host will serve as the official host for all campground usage by individuals or groups. The Camp Host carries out the day-to­-day management and upkeep of the campground. He or she prepares Green Pastures for its many ministry opportunities, including, but not limited to, evangelism, outreach, and serving as a refuge of hope.

Operation of the Camp—Maintenance and Camp Care

The Camp Host will make the campground and all facilities available and useful in serving God's Kingdom. Experience in the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of all buildings and support systems is expected. The ability to operate all camp equipment used in maintaining the buildings and grounds is fundamental to success.

Communication Outreach

The Camp Host shall serve Green Pastures as the primary contact person and communications conduit for the ministry. Verbal, written, and electronic/virtual communications skills and the ability to create communications materials for each area are a must. The ability to communicate effectively with service providers to the camp will be extremely helpful.

Fundraising and Resource Development

The Camp Host will be expected, with assistance from the Board of Directors, to lead efforts to raise funds and develop financial and support resources regionally and beyond. He or she must manage relationships with existing donors and volunteers, be able to recruit new donors and volunteers, and explore other funding alternatives that might be available locally, regionally, or nationally.

Educational and Work Experience Requirements

The Camp Host position will require a bachelor’s degree or work equivalent with a minimum of 3-5 years of leadership experience in a management role.